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Aliya talking to victim "I had returned from my parents' house that very day. "Some soldiers asked my mother-in-law about all the new clothes hanging in the room, so she told them, 'here, she is our new daughter-in-law, our new bride'. "What happened after that, I cannot begin to describe it. We haven't just been wronged, what we have faced is an infinite injustice. Even today when we see soldiers we start shaking with fear." เสื้อครอบครัวราคาส่ง The people of Kunan and neighbouring Poshpora accuse the Indian army of carrying out a planned mass rape of the women in these two far-flung villages. They also claim that while the women were gang-raped, the men were subjected to horrific torture, and that they have been fighting for justice these last 26 years. In Srinagar when I spoke with a minister in the state government, Naeem Akhtar, about these allegations he said that in conflicts like Kashmir truth often gets obscured by the layer of dust that settles on it. And now it seems a group of young Kashmiri women are determined to wipe this dust away. In 2013 they filed a petition to reopen the case in the state High Court. Image caption Natasha Rathar and other activists wrote a book about the case Natasha Rathar, a young scholar, is one of those women who put their names on that petition.

Clothing yourself with the best character is more appealing than clothing yourself with expensive labels.A

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